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This site contains audio files of sermons, articles, and speeches given to expound various bible truths important to the Lordís churches and to believers individually.  Most of these are produced in MP3 format to reduce size of each file.  Some are zipped files which you will need to unzip.  When you click on these files, you will be given the option to unzip the file.  If you will unzip it to a folder in your computer, you can then play it on your operating system and this will allow you to disconnect from the internet and will eliminate interruptions which might occur if your connection to the internet is disrupted.  These files are usually between 5 and 8 megabytes, but some may be as large as 24 megabytes. 


Simply click on the title of an article to listen to its content. 


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Audio Sermons or Presentations by Various Authors - Sources  at  Grace-Abounding.com and Other Websites.

Sermons From The Covenant Baptist Church 2007 Bible Conference

Various Messages Archived by Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Paducah, Kentucky

This is My Beloved Friend by Dan Gordon

Various Messages Archived by Philadelphia Baptist Church, Decatur, Alabama