Covenant Sermons List

The sermons from the 2007 Bible Conference at Covenant Baptist Church are now online. To download the recordings, follow the instructions below. If for any reason you need assistance feel free to email me at


To download and save a recording to your computer, simply click the name of the recording you wish to save. Once the file has completed downloading, you will need to extract the file from the 'zip' file using Winzip or a similar program. Clicking the play icon streams the respective audio allowing you to preview it without having to wait for it to download. Warning this is not recommended if you have a slower connection and this will not save the recording to your computer. The play/ preview link is only included so that you can preview the recording before downloading it.

Tuesday Evening


Thursday Morning

Mark Minney [14.7M]


Randy Graber [20.5M]

Garner Smith [20.2M]


Dan Gordon [15.7M]

Wednesday Morning


Thursday Afternoon

Bob Hopkins [18.3M]


Robert Keller [20.0M]

Mark Clark [16.8M]


Randy Titus [12.4M]

Wednesday Afternoon


Thursday Evening

Roger Jones [16.8M]


Lee Hammel [24.0M]

J.R. Bourn [13.6]


Jerry Asberry [16.1M]

Wednesday Evening




Clarence Grigsby [19.3M]




Darryl Titus [17.8M]