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“Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus….” Eph. 3:12

Church Directory By State!

Below is a comprehensive directory of Sovereign Grace Landmark Baptist Churches by city and state.  If you would like your church added or notice corrections that need to be made, please email us.  Additionally, I appreciate your honesty and cooperation in ensuring that this directory is specifically for Sovereign Grace Landmark Baptist Churches.

Special Sovereign Grace Landmark Related Links!

Baptist History Homepage – a collection of historical documentation on Baptist origins and heritage.  

The Trail of Blood – Dr. J.M.Carroll’s history of Baptist churches down through the ages.  

A Selection of Baptist Writings About Church History and Perpetuity – Maintained by Grace Baptist Church, Berea, KY

Christ-Praising Gospel Music by Joe  & Kathy Martinez

Assorted Christian Songs, Various Singers  including more Joe and Kathy Martinez music, The Tweet Family, and Congregational Songs From Faith Baptist Church Mission Work, McKenna, WA

Christian Poems by Kathryn Parrish

Additional Sovereign Grace Landmark Baptist Church Directories:

Email me information to be included in any of these directories.

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International SGLMB Churches and Missions

The above listing is in desperate need of corrections, additions, updates.  Please review and email me so that we can have   an accurate and complete listing of ALL international SGLMB Churches and Mission.

SGLMBC Publications

Please review this listing and email me if you have an SGLMB publication to add.

SGLMBC Bible Colleges/Seminaries

Have a Bible College or Seminary?  Email me to have it listed.  Must be part of or sponsored by a local church.