*  Todd and Rosalinda Marks, Missionaries to Peru, are supported in their work for the Lord by Harmony Missionary Baptist Church.  This committed missionary couple are doing great things in their labors for the Lord.  Click here to read more about these dedicated missionaries! 

NOTE:  Bro. Marks has provided a 6 minute video bringing us up-to-date on the mission work in Peru.  We invite you to go here to see that video.  You will need to use the password Marks in order to open it!   

*  Marco and Patricia Cantu are missionaries to Mexico.  Harmony Missionary Baptist Church supports Bro. Cantu in this great work.  Click here to learn more about Bro. Cantu and his family and the outstanding gospel work they are doing in Mexico!

*  Eric and Gloria Hammett are missionaries to Mexico.  Harmony Missionary Baptist Church is blessed to be partners with Bro. Hammett in the work that God has burdened him to do among the citizens of Mexico.  Click here to learn more about Bro. Eric, his family, and mission work. 

*  Ted and Sylvia Tweet are missionaries to the Grace Missionary Baptist Mission in Holden, MO.   Bro. and Sis. Tweet are long-standing faithful missionaries who have spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Honduras and among Spanish-speaking people in the state of Washington.  Click here to learn more about these faithful missionaries and their work. 

*  Daniel and Kathy Matsuda are missionaries currently working in Arequipa, Peru as missionary pastor to the Family Baptist Church of Arequipa.  There is much gospel work in Arequipa and this dedicated couple brings the gospel of Christ to inhabitants of that region. Click here to read their report from Peru.